Good health starts with the feet

Doctors and nurses spend the entire day on their feet, putting enormous strain on their bodies. Tired legs, back pain and vein problems are the most common medical issues among people in this sector. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

kybun shoes are perfectly suited to the work that people do in hospitals and doctors’ surgeries. The walk-on-air sole provides optimal shock absorption and noticeably reduces the stress on the body. The shoes are also easy to clean and disinfect. The non-slip soles provide a secure grip and prevent accidents in the workplace. What’s more, the foot climate system ensures optimal moisture and temperature regulation.

Long and intensive working days are common in the healthcare sector

«kybun shoes enable active, healthy movement on hard surfaces. The soft, flexible sole is gentle on joints, strengthens your muscles and improves balance,»explains Prof. Dr Christian Gäbler, a consultant in trauma surgery and sport traumatology in Vienna, Austria. 

Dr Konrad Birrer, consultant certified by the Swiss Medical Association in Lucerne, Switzerland, is impressed with how effective the shoe is: «kybun shoes are an effective tool for proprioceptive training. You can wear them at all times and they are very comfortable. I was able to relieve the strain on my Achilles tendon just by wearing kybun shoes. I didn’t need any specific therapy, as the flexible sole strengthened the stabilising muscles in my ankles and relieved the overstrained muscles. I would advise wearing kybun shoes after any injuries to the lower extremities and I’d recommend them for jobs where you’re required to stand all day, for athletes and for the elderly, as they can prevent falls.»

The kybun waiting room – Doctors recommend the kybun mat

Alongside malnutrition and smoking, lack of exercise is one of the main causes of lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and coronary heart diseases. Doctors recommend the kyBounder to patients as the soft springy mat allows them to do a moderate amount of movement while completing everyday activities. Medical professionals use the kyBounder as a therapy or preventative measure for back pain, venous diseases and foot problems, among others things.

Many doctors have set up a kybun waiting room where patients can try out the kybun mat. The kybun mat allows patients to remain active while waiting and find out about the kybun movement concept.

Dynamically standing on the elastic springy kybun mat has the following advantages:

  • Enables more movement during your everyday routine
  • Releases tension
  • Strengthens foot muscles
  • Keeps joints constantly moving without straining them
  • Stretches contracted muscles
  • Balances out relieving postures and straightens posture

List of doctors

Dr med. Christoph Althaus, Rathausstrasse 17, 8570 Weinfelden, Switzerland
Dr med. Christian Bötschi, Alleestr. 31, 8590 Romanshorn, Switzerland
Dr med. Marc Röst, Feldeggstrasse 16, 8590 Romanshorn, Switzerland
Dr med. Beat Weidmann, Bahnhofstrasse 26, 9320 Arbon, Switzerland
Dr med. Urs Jundt, St. Gallerstrasse 16, 9324 Arbon, Switzerland
Th. & K. Gropp joint practice, Oberer Garten 1, 8598 Bottighofen, Switzerland
Naturopathic practice of Ingelore Gut, Henauerstrasse 10, 9244 Niederuzwil, Switzerland

Customer testimonials

瑞士Nyon培训师Gopal RajGuru

瑞士Nyon培训师Gopal RajGuru

“作为一个销售培训师,我每天要站8-10小时。几年前开始,我的腿越来越痛。早上起来就开始剧痛,更不停加剧。到了中午,几乎无法专注工作。医生告诉我,那是足底筋膜炎,在整天需要站立或走路的人群中很常见。多年来,我什么都试过 - 柔软的鞋子、减震垫、讲课时坐下来、甚至针灸,都毫无效果。这些所谓’治疗’让我花了几千欧元,但却没有任何帮助。后来有一天,我出差到加拿大,痛苦地在Oakville街上走,看到一个小小的广告牌说’全新瑞士健康鞋,让你步步舒适。’在药店里,一个非常漂亮的女士向我介绍kyBoot康步鞋。哇,短短一、二个小时,脚跟疼痛明显减少 。回到瑞士后,我立即再买一双,并每天穿它上班。 二周之后,令人惊讶的是…我不再感到脚痛。晚上脱下鞋子,没有疼痛。早上起床,也没有。我简直无法相信,我的脚痛彻底消失了-它改变了我的生活。疼痛不再主宰我的生活。我可以整天舒服的站着。我感谢这个了不起的发明。这是最了不起的鞋,真的改变了我的生活!” 

瑞士Hallau的Peter Rahm

瑞士Hallau的Peter Rahm


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瑞士苏黎世展览中心厨师Andreas Prinzler

瑞士苏黎世展览中心厨师Andreas Prinzler

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